Etiquette for Interacting with People Who Have Disabilities

An excellent post about how to interact with those who are deaf / hard of hearing

Can You Hear Me Now?


I got into work today, and my office mate was talking with one of my co-workers about a course he is working on about etiquette to follow when interacting with people who have disabilities.  I mentioned my blog, and he told me he would get me in touch with the woman who is creating the course.  I will have to post about that later.

It got me thinking though.  I think a lot of us, myself included, are nervous and unsure of how to interact with people who have disabilities. Do we look at the interpreter or the person who is using the interpreter? Can we touch the wheelchair? How should be act around a guide dog?  Things like that.  If you slip up, knowingly or not, it can be awkward, offensive, and embarrassing.

This website is a great resource for what you should and should not do when interacting…

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