Cat with a cochlear implant? Yes it is true!

A note from Chris Fulcher about the reblog above: No, my implant will not be in the center of my forehead… But I have been led to believe that mice will fear me more, now that I can hear them… Kate’s blog is fantastic; told with that wonderful Australian sense of humor. Her blog posts inspired me to begin my blog. Please take time to read about her entire journey via this reblog I am posting in leu of my blog for tonight. OR go to:

Kate's Cochlear Implant

Now, most people who know me, know I love cats. I was intrigued when I came across this photo on the web, which I didn’t really believe was true. Until my audiologist told me that apparently it IS true! This is how scientist have been studying the effects of cochlear implants on deafness!

After 3 months of using the cochlear implant, the synapses of auditory nerve fibers in these implanted cats were compared to those of normal hearing cats and congenitally deaf cats of the same age.   They discovered that cochlear implants “rescued” the synapses of the deaf cats.

Check out the website for more details on this:  Endbulbs, Activity, and Cochlear Implants

I am sure many people would call this cruel; but hey, I’ve got an implant, and I love it! So, I find it fascinating – but geez, that poor cat doesn’t look too happy in the photo…

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1 thought on “Cat with a cochlear implant? Yes it is true!

  1. Paul

    C2 (Cat Cochlear) is quite intruiging. I know you will find this unbelievable but Susie & I have two cats. Stay strong, my friend! Paul


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