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Update on recovery and “Musical Ear Syndrome”

It’s been 12 days since my surgery, which was on October 25th, 2013. So, how’s it going? First and foremost, we are all doing well. The kids and Roxanne are doing great and are very supportive while I’m recovering. Every day we take our two dogs, Sadie and Luna(tic) – I added the “tic” part, to the field near our house. These daily outings have been great!

Out and About - Girls with dogs (Ethan is off at theatre rehearsal)

Out and About – Marie, Abby and Emily with dogs (Ethan is off at theatre rehearsal)

Ethan enjoying cleaning dishes...

Ethan enjoying cleaning dishes… see that smile!

I spent the first week at the house recovering and this week working from home. Although I am feeling fine I felt I should avoid going into work and being around a lot of people. Why? The post-operative instructions stated I should avoid sneezing, coughing and blowing my nose for three weeks, so I figured avoiding people would be best in the short run. It was great having Roxanne at home the first part of last week! But it was inevitable that she would need to leave and go to work…

Keys in hand and excited about leaving and going to work... all alone now...

Keys in hand and excited about leaving and going to work. I can’t imagine why…

My incision is healing quite nicely. The only drawback is that I wasn’t able to wash may hair for about a week; and only then was I able to wash – with shampoo – everywhere except the side of my head where the incision is because it must be kept dry at all times. Now this may not seem like a big thing except that my skin is healing and is DRY, very DRY, and itchy. I’ll just leave it to your imagination about “flaking” which will be short lived.

Pain? Very little pain. Actually, no pain any more, but a dull throbbing or thickness that I am aware of most of the time.

Ringing? Yes! At times the ringing is worse than others. However, I am fortunate that I am used to it. There is one development since my surgery that I wasn’t sure how to share. The other night I was sitting alone in the den when, for the life of me, I started to “hear” geese! They were quietly quacking at first but then it got louder. I yelled out, “I hear geese quacking! Like a whole fricking gaggle of geese!” Roxanne walks in, looks at me calmly and says, “really?” then walks back out. I don’t think she took what I said seriously. Heck, with me hearing geese I didn’t take myself too seriously.

So I kept these new noises to myself. When I was in the car the other day, I “heard” the windshield wipers as they moved back and forth across the window – even down to the slight screeching sound they make when the rain is very light and rubber is “frictioning” across the glass. And when I turn on the faucet I “hear”water. And wait, here’s the most bizarre thing, I “hear” music. Yes, music. Typically jazz or big band music. For example, the other day I went to the mall with my daughter, Marie and waited outside the Barnes and Noble bookstore near the food court. In malls there is typically muzak strumming along in the background. Well, this environment apparently triggered me “hearing” jazz music – particularly one instrument, the saxophone. The mind is a very wild place and makes me wonder what else we take for granted as reality may actually be illusion.

In preparation for revealing this oddity in today’s post I thought I would Google “phantom sounds” and sure enough I have what is called “Musical Ear Syndrome!” I kid you not. A sampling of websites referencing phantom sounds and “Musical Ear Syndrome” are listed at the end of this post.

The good news: I am not crazy. Even better news: Those times I do “hear” music, I “hear” Jazz rather than Rap 🙂

On another note, I see my Doctor tomorrow morning for my first post-surgery checkup! Stay tuned for my next post.

A sampling of websites:





So the waiting game. . .

Roxanne here.  .  .thought I might add a quick post to “keep the conversation going” while Chris is in surgery.

I’m just passing time in the waiting room here at Women’s and Children’s (and occasionally men apparently) Hospital.  I have to say, the hospital so far has been phenomenal in finding a way to keep us informed about our loved ones.  They give you this card with a patient number (in red) and then on big screens they post what’s happening – Preparing for Surgery, In OR, Out of OR etc. and little messages like – Everything is going well or in Chris’ case, right now it says “in OR and Making progress” . . ..hmmmm I would feel better if it was the “Everything is going well”  message.

Waiting room companions are hit or miss like airplane seat mates.   Some just like to sit by themselves (like me) and others like to talk.  Then there those who go overboard and talk nonstop.  What’s different in a waiting room is the person can walk around and find new people to talk to.  We have one in this waiting room.  She’s roaming from area to area here and talking to whomever will listen.  I’ve heard her story 3 times now.  (Once directed at me and twice with other people.)  Ohhhh new twist to story.  .  .she just lifted her shirt and showed her scars from her surgery last week!  Ok, Ok, I shouldn’t be so snarky. . .maybe she needs to talk to keep her mind off what’s happening with her husband who is currently the patient.  Come to think of it, I’M DOING THE SAME THING!  Just virtually and all at once!

So enough for now.  Thanks all who are following Chris’ blog.  The next few weeks while he has no hearing will be tough but we’ll get through!  We’ll keep you posted!